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kaexmaya: Have u or any of the Kae/ chrae blogs ever thought bout like creating an official fansite for Kae? Idk if she would need one but it would be nice for people to have a website to go to. Lol











Yah, I have and I’m sure Amber or Yis thought of it but haven’t done it officially yet. KarruecheTran on twitter has one tho I think.

Legit just woke up and stared at this question for 5 minutes. What a brilliant idea! 😱😱😱

I just thought about it today, lol. now that Kae is getting more well known, and more people are checking for her. it would be a perfect time to create a website for her.

Yeah. Omg. It would be dope. It could be like a blog (not on tumblr) with like posts on her. We can do like our fav outfits from her and then also we could have like exclusive photos and shit.

Yeah I was thinking that there could be a page just for her fashion and kaefashion could post it. There could also be a photo gallery, latest news, media page and an interview page.

You’re making me excited. The website will be a huge success if it happened!

Me too, the best places to create a blog type site is blogger or wordpress. I’m not very familiar with wordpress. I mean if Kae would be okay with it, then I think it could be done lol

My yas let’s do it. I could look into other websites if you want me too. Wordpress sounds cool though. I think she would be ok with it. But if you want me to ask her I will.

I thought there was one ? Called What Happened To That ?

Idk but the layout is boring. It probably flopped. This website if it works is gonna be better. Just wait on it 😉

That would be so dope